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Taking [A] part: The politics of participation in interactive system design.

Speakers: Peter Wright
Topic(s): Human Computer Interaction


The HCI community increasingly uses words like participation, co-research, and co-production to express the community’s aspirations towards a human-centred approach to the design of interactive systems.  These concepts have a seductive yet elusive quality. Participation for example is redolent of equality, engagement, empowerment, and democracy. But it is also an easy term to use tokenistically to fulfill funding obligations while ignoring participants' real concerns. In this talk I will use a range of participatory interaction design projects that I have been involved with to critically examine how HCI approaches user participation, and to challenge taken-for-granted values and logics associated with user-centred design and what it means to know the user. I will offer an unconventional take on participation in which politics, aesthetics, and performativity provide a language and framework for analyzing and configuring participatory interaction design.  The aim is to open up a deeper discussion of what it means to participate and to put participatory methods to better use in interaction design. 


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Number of Slides: 25
Duration: 40 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 05-14-2015
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