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What, if anything does it mean for a city to be smart?

Speakers: Peter Wright
Topic(s): Human Computer Interaction


Smart Cities are a very significant emerging research agenda in the UK and elsewhere, one with which ubiquitous and interactive computing is deeply intertwined.  While at the moment this may only amount to a lot of rhetoric from governments and companies with significant investment in big data and cloud computing, such things have a habit of turning into major research programmes consuming large quantities of resource. So perhaps now is a good time to stop and think critically about the vision. There is already a lot of critical commentary on the concept of Smart City, but in this talk I want to offer an analysis from an HCI perspective and in particular, I want to offer some alternative design propositions about what it could mean for a city to be smart. I will explore alternative metaphors of the city such as cities that make us smart, compassionate cities, and age-friendly cities, and show how these help us envision a different future digital cityscape. One that offers a more human-centred design opportunity.    


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Number of Slides: 25
Duration: 40 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 05-14-2015
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